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Orestes swears to revenge
1. "Orestes - can I call you? -are you really-" (The Libation Bearer, 224-225)
Begins to go mad
"Now look on me, armed with the branch and wreath, a suppliant bound for the Navelstone of Earth, Apollo's sacred heights, where they say the fire of heaven can never die." (The Libation Bearer, 1031-1035)
2. Apollo will never fail me, no,his tremendous power, his oracle charges me  to see this trial through. (272-274)
Electra was pouring libations on the tomb. She cries to the tomb about Agamemnon's death. Orestes shows up in front of Electra. Electra hesitates the identity of the stranger as Orestes.
Orestes swears that he will avenge his father's death. He told Electra about his murder plan.
3. "Strangers, please, tell me what would you like and it is yours. We've all you might expect in a house like ours. We have warm baths and bed to charm away your pains and the eyes of Justice look on all we do."(649-653)
Clytamenestra welcomes Orestes as a stranger from Daulis. Later, Orestes inform her about the death of Orestes.
4. "- Must see him, test the messenger. Where was he when the boy died, standing on the spot? Or is he dazed with rumour, mouthing hearsay? No, he'll never trap me open-eyed." (837-840)
Aegisthus went to test the messenger about how reliable the news of Orestes' death is. However, he didn't know that this was a trap to murder him.
Orestes kills Aesgisthus
"Ai, Ai, all over, master's dead - Aie, a third, last salute. Aegistus is no more... I call to the deaf, to sleepers... a waste of breath. Where are you, Clytamenestra? What are you doing?" (862-869)
The servant who witness the death of Aegisthus rushed out and tell Clytamenestra about the incident. Orestes comes out and goes after Clytamenestra.
After Orestes kills Clytamenestra, he was persued by Clytamenestra's furies. Finally, this was the ending of The Libation Bearer and the start of Eumenidies.
The Oresteia
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Table of Content
I. Introduction
II. Agamemnon
III. The Libation Bearer
IV. Eumenides

The comic pictures on this page does not represents The Oresteia. The comic pictures represents Tin Ha. I only use this pictures to tell the story of the play better. If you do not want me to post the pictures please email me and I will remove it as soon as possible.