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The Oresteia
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Character Description of the Character
Agamemnon Husband of Clytamenestra; father of Electra, Iphigenia, Orestes
Aegisthus Lover of Clytamenestra; Kills Agamemnon and tooks his place as king of Mycenae.
Apollo God of Purification
Athena The daughter of Zeus; patron of goddess of Athens; Setups trial for Orestes.
Cassandra Daughter of Priam; war-prize win by Agamemnon; the power to predict the truth of the future but not believed by the listeners; murdered by Clytamenestra.
Clytamenestra Wife of Agamemnon; mother of Electra, Iphigenia, and Orestes; lover of Aegisthus; murderer of Agamemnon and Cassendra; kills by Orestes.
Electra Daughter of Agamemnon and Clytamenestra; sister of Orestes and Iphigenia; Wants to avenge her father's death but doesn't have the courage to do so.
Iphigenia Daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra; sister of Orestes and Electra; sacrificed by Agamemnon to receive favorable winds to sail to Troy.
Orestes Son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra; brother of Iphigenia and Electra; murders Clytemnestra; driven mad by Furies; cleansed by Apollo; set free by Court of Aeropagus.
Pylades Friend of Orestes; representation of Apollo.