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Table of Content
I. Introduction
II. Agamemnon
III. The Libation Bearer
IV. Eumenides
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University of Calgary
"Now look on me, armed with the branch and wreath, a suppliant bound for the Navelstone of Earth, Apollo's sacred heights, where they say the fire of heaven can never die." (The Libation Bearer, 1031-1035)

    Eumenides is last play of The Oresteia. Orestes was pursue by The Furies. Therefore he went to Apollo for help. Apollo advise him to go see Athena. Athena sympathizes him and arranges a trial for Orestes. The Athenian citizens are the jurors of the trial to determine the guilt of Orestes.

    The Furies agrees to obey whatever the decision of the jury is. They claim that Orestes is the son of Clytamenestra, so they have the rights to kill Orestes for his disrespect of her mother. However, Apollo claims that Clytamenestra is just a "tool" that gives birth to Orestes. The trial ends with a tie vote. However, the tie vote is enough to free Orestes. Athena then talks the Furies and persuades them to become the Kindly Ladies.

The Oresteia
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