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    The Libation Bearer is the second plays in The Oresteia. The play focuses on Orestes' vengeance of Clytemnestra's murder of Agamemnon.The play starts at Agamemnon's tomb with Orestes and Pylades. Orestes kneels beside the tomb and swears that he will avenge his father's death. While praying for his father, he saw a group of slave women lead by his sister, Electra coming towards the tomb. They hide behind tomb.

    Clytamenestra told Electra and other slave women to come to the tomb of Agamemnon to pour libation bearer on it. Later, Orestes comes out and faces Electra. They discuss the plan of avenging their father's death.

    Orestes and Pylades pretend as strangers from Delphi to inform the Clytamenestra and Aegisthus about the death of Orestes. Shortly after they enter the palace, Orestes founds Aegisthus and kills him. Then, he found Clytamenestra and hesitates to kill her. Pylades, also a representation of Apollo, removes Orestes' hesitation. Orestes kills Clytamenestra. Clytamenestra tells Orestes that the fury will go after him before she dies.

Table of Content
I. Introduction
II. Agamemnon
III. The Libation Bearer
IV. Eumenides
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The Oresteia
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Apollo will never fail me, no,
his tremendous power, his oracle charges me  to see this trial through. (line 272-274)
-Aeschylus, "The Libation Bearer" in The Oresteia -
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